Why Wisenet?

Julie at Bondi, summer of 2007

Hi my name is Julie and I started Wisenet because of my passion to inform the ladies in Sydney about the many cosmetic and non-surgical treatment options out there. As you probably know I am an ex registered nurse with 30 years experience (scary to write that in text). Last year I retired from my job as a cosmetic nurse injector in Sydney.

After taking some time to travel and tick some of the places off my bucket list, as well as visit my children and grand children overseas, I have settled back in Northern Sydney.

I have always been a source of information to my friends and family, but I would like to be more to the community.

Hence, I started Wisenet to put on paper so to say some of my ideas and experiences. I have also never got round to trying so many treatments that I have always wanted too. Now that I am not working long hours I will be trying them all and it will start with finding a clinic that I am comfortable with and adding my experience to what they say.

So let me know what you think and please get in touch if you would like me to try a particular treatment etc

Lots of love

PS I need to get a more updated photo, that one is almost 10 years old lol

PPS thank you to my son Robert for getting this website up and for adding my long winded pages (hope they are called pages), couldn’t have done this without you Rob.