Starting in Sydney with Wisenet Woman’s Reviews

Hi It’s Julie here and this is the first post in a series of reviews that we have been working on for a very long time. I know this is long overdue but retirement has been busy 🙂

As you all know I am a bit of a fanatic about cosmetic treatments and everything skin care! So, what inspired my first review was actually seeing a video of a fat freezing treatment that I have always wanted to try. I looked into a Coolsculpting treatment in Sydney and came across the very informative video showing a treatment, check it out below:

So I have been looking into treatments in Sydney that I could have but I found the Sydney prices very expensive. After talking to some of the ladies in the network they told me about another similar treatment by the harley clinic which although not cheap, actually worked out less time and money because of the machine they were using.

Why do I want to have a Coolsculpting treatment?

All of my friends (bless them) say I don’t need to have an un-natural treatment like freezing my fat. But for me my body is something that I cover up, I do walk most days, especially now it is coming into summer. But I found that once I hit 50, I could not lose weight as quickly as I used too. So the area around my stomach and love handles and legs are three areas that I am very self conscious about and they are my priority. I will maybe look into doing the back of my arms and back fat at a later date, depending on how well this goes.

Collecting information on Fat

I am very much a researcher when it comes to looking into the right treatment and the science behind a treatment. With my experience as a public nurse and in a private clinic I have always like talking to the suppliers about the science behind their treatments. So to my surprise I came across a guide on cryolipolysis which is the scientific name behind Coolsculpting or in this case Cooltech. cryolipolysis means to freeze fat and the science behind this “fat freezing” is quite sound. Once you get the temperature down to around -8 degrees your fat will literally freeze. Once it has frozen it is then destroyed, permanently!

So late at night with a nice cup of tea I came across a consumer guide to what they fittingly call non-surgical liposuction at the bottom of their treatment page. You can download the guide right from their treatment page called “consumer guide to non-surgical liposuction and cooltech body sculpting“.

It is a very well written “guide” they call it but it is really a collection of information about the treatment, what to expect, they outline the risks and what could potentially go wrong cryolipolysis.

Guide or collection of information on cryolipolysis treatment by the harley clinic in Sydney CBD, very informative
Guide or collection of information on cryolipolysis treatment by the harley clinic in Sydney CBD, very informative

So I urge anyone who is looking at this treatment to download the guide. I had Robert add a picture of the cover, hope they don’t mind this…

I’m not promoting this clinic over any others, but this guide is worth a read if you are going to try coolsculpt or one of the heating or ultrasound machines as the science is pretty similar with all of them, very interesting if you ask me.


Where too next?

So I contacted this harley clinic today and have arranged a free consultation with one of their nurses, I didn’t tell them that I am writing about them, not sure what they would think about this but my next post will be talking about what I found out in the appointment that I have made for them.

I hope to write about the appointment as soon as I have finished next Tuesday, when this comes onto the website will depend on when Robert can get this on the line.

Wishing you much health and wellness

Julie xx