This is something I thought I would never do

Sooo I had my consultation this week for my fat freezing and booked in the treatment for next week. They said I was a very good candidate for the cool tech treatment. They gave me all the information I need on that which was fine.

But I also talked to the doctor when I was in Sydney on anti wrinkle injections which I said to my self I would never ever get… but I did. I am feeling a bit like a kid in a candy shop at the moment.

I had looked into these injections but was put off from what I now know to be miss information. What I was told was that it would only last for 1 month but if I am not a super active person, that is I am not young and I am not a personal trainer or athlete or professional sports person then the toxin will not be removed from my body so quickly. So 3-4 months is what I was told.

I looked up the Botox website and here is a screenshot

information on anti wrinkle injections

The other thing I had while I was at the clinic was some skin needling, they had a great skin needling picture up for their christmas promotion that I took a picture of looked great.

skin needling treatment in sydney

Ha isn’t it a great image, love her eyes and Christmas feel. Can’t believe that Christmas is only 7 more weeks away!!

So now that I have my wrinkle injections I actually can’t frown. It is the weirdest feeling I have probably ever had. I can’t stop saying to my friends “look this is me frowning, I am trying to frown as much as I can”. Driving my friends up the wall. haha

I have always had a big problem with the the frown line that down the middle of my foreward and I have always looked in the mirror every day and said that is something that I want to get fixed.

So I wanted to have this done forever but have not got the courage up to actually get into a clinic and do it. I am that scared of needles that I could not bring myself to even give a clinic a call.

So when I was in the consultation with the doctor (who was a lovely man), he was talking about the needles and that I would not really even feel it, I had to stop him and tell him to just do it as I didn’t want to talk about it and I didn’t want to look at the needle. At the end I did appologise to the lovely young man and explained to him that I was very scared of needles.

But, I got through it and am very proud of myself to have had this done, another thing to strike off my bucket list!

Have a great day ladies!

Julie xxx