A post on behalf of a friend

This is a new way of communicating. I was a bit apprehensive about doing this as I don’t want to come across as all cloak and daggers or with any kind of misinformation. However a good friend of mine has been keeping up with the blog and was very interested in many of the treatments I have been having or my family have been having.

She approached me about a problem that she has had for many years that has almost been crippling to her confidence and her personal life. It was actually very hard for her to tell me, and she broke down many times over the phone.

So, there was only one thing that was to be done here, she flew up to Sydney and stayed with me for the weekend. At my place over a cup of tea we talked through, what has been a huge weight on her mind over many, many years. The topic was about acne scarring which she had on her face, we all knew this but also across her back and chest. She first came across an article in Melbourne titled: “How Can I Remove Acne Scars Naturally” This is what got her thinking and researching.

This was a surprise to me as the acne scars on her face were not what I would call bad or really that noticeable. These of course had been covered up by makeup. The reason I had never seen my friend in a bathing suit or in anything but a neck dress was in the end because of her acne scars. She had been looking into acne scar removal treatments in Melbourne when she read my blog.

Her first reaction was that she did not know there was a treatment for scars. After going in for a talk with the people at a laser clinic in Melbourne they informed her that they have had great success treating facial and body acne scars.

So I promised her that I would come down to Melbourne when she had her treatment with feel good laser clinic and I would stay for a couple of days during her treatment. The procedure she said was very short, it would take around an hour to do her back, chest and face which was amazing.

This is now an update three weeks later, we have just had the treatment at Feel Good which went really well. My friend is recovering but to be honest there is not much recovery. Her skin looks a bit read and there are tiny needle marks. We had our appointment two days ago and right after she had tiny pin marks and red skin but now on day 3 she has what you would call a mild sun burn and no needle marks. So she is very happy and I am amazed at the different already, especially on her back and chest which were very bad.

Apparently, my friend used to pick at her acne when she was young and scratch it which lead to the very bad scarring that she had.

This has been a very fulfilling and unexpected reason for a trip to Melbourne. A pity the weather has not been better but hey that is Melbourne for you and I didn’t come here for the weather, I came here to support my friend and very glad I did.

Sorry for so much text but images not appropriate in this letter.

Feeling blessed.