Further information on Erectile Dysfunction

The post I wrote a week or so ago has had a lot of comments from our group and I wanted to follow up with some more information on this topic as there have been a lot of private conversations with ladies who’s partners or husbands have been suffering, but who never talk about this.

When I decided to do some research I was surprised at the number of treatments available globally. The most helpful article came from the WebMD website.

The thing that impressed me about this article or collection of pages on this website WebMD was that it covered what ED is, what the symptoms are and so on which is all great information and it seems like it is all collated by medical people (I assume because of the name of the website and all).

But the thing I liked most was the information on caring for your partner and talking about this issue which as I said is one of the hardest things for many of the ladies in our group.

screen shot from WebMD

The top treatments were:

  1. Lifestyle Change
  2. Erectile Dysfunction Vacuums
  3. Penile prostheses
  4. Surgery
  5. Natural Remedies
  6. Yohimbe Bark Supplements
  7. Alprostadil
  8. Drugs
  9. Hormonal Therapy for Erection Problems
  10. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This was a long list of treatments and coincidentally I got an email because I was registered with the clinic I am having my fat treatments with. They have just come out with a new Consumer Guide to ED which I thought was very interesting. The thing I like about this is that it is not a sales brochure for themselves. It covers many of the other available treatments on the market in Australia and not just in the US. They also seem to downplay a lot of the side benefits of this treatment.

download of guide

So I downloaded this free piece of information, I hope that they don’t mind I printed it off and gave it to about 30 of the ladies who had talked about this. They were ever so grateful and it will give them a very good piece of information that they can either leave for their partner/ husband or they can sit down and talk about it which is again one of the best pieces of advice the first article on web md said.

Hope this helps

Julie x