Found my new eyebrows today haha

Ok, so had my consultation today for Coolsculpting type treatment to get rid of some of my love handles. I will let you know maybe later this week how that went (went good). But when I was there I met the lady who does their cosmetic tattooing in Brisbane, she was down to Sydney for the week which was great to meet her, she certainly had some amazing experience with permanent makeup and feathered eyebrow tattoos.

Here is the thing, I am getting older and I have hair falling out. There I said it. One of the areas I have found is getting sparce are my brows. have noticed my eyebrows are getting shorter & thinner so I asked this young lady if it is worth my while to try tattooing? I don’t wear a lot of makeup so don’t want to look overdone if you know what I mean!!

She said that there are a number of colours or shades they can do so that they look completely natural. I looked up a video on feathered eyebrow tattoos and found this:

This gave me a good idea of what eyebrow tattooing is. I had always thought that this was a permanent thing as many of my friends had said that it was permanent makeup… apparently it lasts for 1 to 5 years, with a retouch done after 1-2 years.

So I got the consultation and the tattooing done there and then ahaha. All of my ladies who know me will attest that I am not a spontaneous lady but it must have been the lovely lady at the harley clinic. I don’t really want to share my before and after photos as I am a private person as you already know. But there were some nice ones on their website I had Robert copy to show you.

eybrow tattoo before and after

One more

one more before and after

So that was a very exciting day for me, I felt alive from taking a spontaneous move like this and I could not be more thrilled by the outcome from this lovely lady. Unfortunately that meant that the fat freezing took a back seat but that was fine. I had a really good catch up with the lady for that and they said I was a “good candidate” for the treatment.

That meant that it would be effective and they were happy that my body would respond well and I was not too overweight for the treatment. In fact they said I was in very good shape for my age which was lovely of them.

Before I go I have another video from their website page that I would like to show you. I could not work out how to get it on the page (obviously) and Robert (my son) couldn’t figure it out either. We tried below but it would not come up for us so I will put a link below where you can go and see the video. There was a female treatment video on there when they showed me at the clinic the man said that they also had a male video that they were going to put up tomorrow so hopefully you can see this one if any of your husbands or partners would like to look at this for them too.

here is the webpage that the video is on maybe half way down

Hope that helps it was a big thing for me to see a treatment they have completed in the clinic. I have looked into the Cooltech machine that they use and very happy with the results they seem to be getting.

So I haven’t booked the treatment yet, did not even expect to come across my new eyebrows today haha but I had a fantastic day and I am still glowing!

Lots of love to all

Julie xxx